Telescript: Software

Telescript: Software

For over 30 years Telescript has developed professional teleprompting software. With millions of hours of use in the most demanding of prompting circumstances, Telescript ProNEWS™, Telescript AV™, and Telescript TECH set the bar for reliability, features, and overall value in the professional production industry. Whatever your needs are, we have a version for you.

Telescript ProNEWS™

Our top of the line prompting application. TelescriptPRO offers everything the professional operator requires for the most demanding prompting configurations. PRO can also be easily integrated into any studio setup where pre-existing newsroom systems are installed and can be configured to be a self-contained Newsroom with a second PRO license.

Telescript AV™

TelescriptAV is our most popular version with its versatile feature set and easy to use functions. Single or Multi Script mode, customizable attributes, and many of the same features offered in PRO are available in this version of our software.

Telescript TECH™

TelescriptTECH is our most basic application that is easy to learn with very comprehensive features. TECH uses a single script interface and is the only version of our software that offers REFLEX , an in-software text flipping feature.